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本公司拥有的一批充满活力、敢于创新、善 于学习的员工,不断地总结过去经验的基础上,合理吸收高素质专业人才建立 起来的专业团队,严密的组织纪律,科学化与人性化的管理,为客户提供全面 、完善、一流的服务质量。不管大小客户,均以高效率、高水准、高质量的服 务,是我们一贯遵循的服务宗旨。

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National Media
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We are National Media, headquartered in Gold Coast, Queensland. We own and operate a portfolio of market-leading events and data-driven marketing products across a range of industries and professional sectors.

We started life as a small B2B publisher 30 years ago. Today, we are Australia’s most progressive and innovative exhibition and events company, recognised globally for our formidable track record of success in bringing new events to market that disrupt and challenge the status quo.

Our reputation and consistently reliable results have helped us forge strong ongoing relationships and partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most recognised brands.

We are well-funded, highly adaptable and don’t let red tape get in the way of growth and success.

Brilliance is what we strive for. Uncompromising quality, entrepreneurial spirit, unbridled passion and above all, trust and integrity are the values we embrace.

Since 1993 we have been focused on advancing businesses and shaping industries through our market-leading exhibitions and events. Every day we challenge the status quo to spark innovation. We set the highest standards, deliver exceptional quality and continuously push the limits of face-to-face marketing.

We bring buyers, sellers and decision-makers together to learn and trade through major exhibitions, executive meetings and data-driven marketing.

Our platforms enable businesses and professionals to connect and engage with each other, access insights and information, discover new products and innovations, understand the latest trends and opportunities, and meet new customers and suppliers.

Our overarching objective, always, is to help our customers find new customers and generate new business.

Our events set the benchmark for quality across the industry, delivering the highest standards and the most qualified and relevant audiences, ensuring our customers achieve their goals and return on investment.

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